Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dinner with my lovely family :)

Dear blog,

I love my family damm much!! Well some might define family only consist of father, mother and the children, but my family is more bigger than that.. We define family consist of grandparent, aunties, uncles and cousins!! We all have the same interest.. The most common of course will be the foods!! Last two weeks my family and I decided to have dinner together at Pizza Hut Auto City, Penang.. So while waiting for the foods to be serve lets snap pictures first! Hehe..

Groom to be..

Naufal with his starving face!

Hannah and I finishing the fabulous salads..

Hani excited having her mushroom soup!!

Hani likes me!

Hani forced to pose!

Hannah with her beloved nanny..

Everybody started to dig in all the foods!! 

Naufal craziness -_+

 Thanks to my lovely brother *Ahmad Ashraf Abu Bakar for the dinner!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Pattani, Thailand

Dear blog,

Last weekend my family and i went to my aunt house in Thailand.. Actually i'm quite afraid to go there because Pattani is one of the city having crisis.. But alhamdulillah everything goes well.. Well, we visited most all popular places there.. Most of people there are Muslim, only a few are Buddhist.. The first place we went to is Masjid Krisik.. Masjid Krisik is the oldest mosque in Pattani, it been built over 450 years ago..

Then we went to the beach!! Yeay!! Unfortunately we cannot swim there.. Huhu.. But we did enjoyed with the foods.. My mum ordered Keropok Lekor, Chicken Grill, Fried Prawn and Som Tam, its like salad but its a thai version.. Its so yummy bebeh!!

Done with evening session, and now we continue with night activities.. We start the night with dinner first.. Hehe.. We decided to have local dish like Tom Yam Kung, Mix Salad, Soy Sauce Beef, and lots more!! When comes to Thai Foods of course it has to be spicy and its kill me bebeh.. After dinner, we go for a walked to settle down our stomach.. Just imagine my tummy its like 5 months pregnant woman beb..


Thats all for the first day we reached there.. The next morning, its like a miracle to my mum when i did't sleep after Subuh.. Seriously its hard for me to leave my bad habits.. Hehehe.. So that morning i woke up and straight away ask my mum to find Pulut Sekaya!! Its my favorite breakfast beb.. So we went to the morning market to find my favorite breakfast.. Thank God i found it and what a surprise, i also bought crepe, but its like thai version.. Haha..  

So after breakfast, my cousin took my brother and I for a ride around Pattani before going back to Penang.  He took us to Prince of Songkla University.. Prince of Songkla University its like IPTA in Malaysia.. Its the only government and the biggest university in the city.. Lastly before we leave, we stopped by to eat Koew Tiow Nam!! Its one of the famous dish in Pattani.. Its kind like Koew Tiow Sup or Teng but they put in additional ingredient.. Then my uncle said i should try the desert!! So i ordered Pulut Nangka.. Its lovely beb..

Anyway thanks to Pak Ngah family for having us for the weekend.. Hope we can meet again!! 

Peace yaw!! :)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wordless Wednesday #1

Blueberry Cheese!


Dear blog,

Exam schedule is now available!!

Please see carefully at TAXATION & FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING AND REPORTING II date!! I got two calculation subjects in the same day n both are my core subject.. Hoho..

Friday, December 9, 2011

Video of the month :)

Dear blog,

Credit goes to Mr.Youtube for the video!

Enjoy :)

Great Weekend Ever!

Dear blog,

Finally im free from any task and assignment!! Im so glad i managed to finished all my task.. In the same time, even though i cannot join my family holiday trip to Phuket, Thailand.. Fortunately, i got sumthing else fun to do.. My hostel won 1st runner-up for bowling tournament.. Actually im not that excellent in bowling but "alhamdulillah" maybe its because of support and cooperation among the teammates, we able to won this game.. Thanks to all.. :) 

Then, the next day my friends and I joined one of the USM's and KDU's Mangrove Plantation program which involve with mud!! OMG.. Its so urghhhhh... Can u imagine im totally like predator with full of mud on my entire body.. hoho.. But its ok, im just keep thinking its like a free facial and body treatments for me.. hak3.. Well im enjoyed my time with my friends.. Luv u all girls.. 

Credit to Miss Faten Hashim for the pictures..!!

Chill yow :)

Friday, November 18, 2011

Kopiah dan Rokok??

Dear blog,

Mat Lutfi published his new VLOG!! Jum jum melayan with Mr. Mat Lutfi...

Peace no war :)

# Thanks to Mr. Youtube!

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Dear blog,


I just noticed about Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 10 will be on 5th January 2012..!! Argh.. We all have to wait almost 2 month to continue watch this series again.. Its a big frustration to the Vampire Diaries's fans. Anyway hope you all can be patient and stay cool..

Peace no war :)

#Credit to Mr.Youtube

Love Song ~

Dear blog,

Now im studying for my mid term exam tonite.. Suddenly i feel so stressful and i need something to cool me down.. I start to search any songs that make me feel relax and lastly i found A Drop In The Ocean by Ron Pope.. Anyway i would like to dedicate this song to my love one.. Hope we can make it through and end up together dear..

Enjoy :)

Peace no war :)

#Credit to Mr.Youtube

Monday, November 14, 2011


Dear blog,

This month is the most stress month ever!! Lots of works still pending and need to be done as soon as possible.. But how i'm going to settle all my works if my mind still at home?? Huhu.. As for this week i need to submit my one assignment, two presentations and also three mid term exams..  Urgh.. Its so stressful to think where should i start?? which one need to be done first?? Yeah what to do.. I'm the one who chose to further study, so by hook or by crook i have to face it lo..  Anyway my brother told me that MAT LUTFI already downloaded his new VLOG. I'm a big fan of him because his VLOG is so cool and his creative idea in voicing his opinion to public.
So lets take a break and chill with his VLOG :)

#Credit to Mr.Youtube!

Peace no war :)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Review Film Real Steel

Perghh... Hebat x hebat cerita ni smpai buat aku tngok dua kali kat wayang.. First time aku pegi tngok dengan adek aku dekat Queensbay Mall, Penang pastu disebabkan buah hati yang teringin gila nak tngok cerita ni, terpaksa la aku tngok sekali lagi nak teman dia punya pasal.. Kalo x kang merajok pulak kan, sepasal pulak aku nak kna pujok.. hihi.. Tapi mmg berbaloi pon kalo nak tngok cerita ni banyak kali cuma aku nanges masa tngok first time ja la.. (terjiwang sudey)So korang mesti boley bayang bertapa gempaknya cerita ni.. Part yang sangat-sangat best bila HUGH JACKMAN yang hensem, macho + ganaz suddenly change to a very nice person to the only one son(DAKOTA GOYO) yang dia ada .. Dakota Goyo nie plak sangat pandai berlakon dengan mata dia yang stunning.. Muahahaha.. I loike dat boy!! Robot yang ada dalam cerita pon mmg x boley blah.. Anyway aku sangat berpuas hati dengan jalan cerita yang menarik dengan CGI effect yang best, so saya bagi 5 BINTANG la!!  

Ni adalah diantara robot-robot yang femes dalam cerita ni :-

#Credit Mr.Google for the pictures..

Peace No War!!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

First Step!

Hello guys.. upss.. and so the girls.. ihihhi

I'm quite new in blogging.. i found its cool to have a blog where i can share everything especially my interest on foods.. movies.. musics.. fashions maybe.. n amazing places to travel.. I'm a big fan of Fatin Liyana, Maria Elena Hanis Zalikha n lots more..!!

Actually I'm not good in English, so because of that i think its a good starts for me to have my own blog where i just simply write anything i want to, even though u may laugh with my so broken english.. Yaa.. But guys n girls, i believed that no one can change your future if you don't take your own steps to change it..

Its my pleasure to have your comment on my writing or anything.. So feel free to surf my blog.. Hopefully i can be like those girls i mention above that can entertain you all..

Peace No War!!

It's Yuna Zarai!!!

She inspired me a lot!! I'm truly, madly and deeply fall in love with all her songs.. Enjoy it guys!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Riang Ria Raya 2011

Hari raya tahun ni agak cedey ckit nak dibandingkan dengan tahun - tahun sebelum nih.. Sepatutnya tahun ni la yang paling best sebab tahun pertama raya ada anak buah yang paling kiut - miut , Nur Hani Sofea Binti Ahmad Afif.. Dia sangat cumel dengan mata yang booolat, bibir yg cumel, kulit yg gebu.. Geraaammmm!!!Unfortunately, tahun nih dia pegi kutip duet raya di Singapore sebab terpaksa ikot turn beraya keluarga ibunya.. Dun worry darlink, m.ngah dia ready duet raya Hani siap ok..

Officially my first lovely niece 

 Hoho.. So jadik kurang best la, every year family kitaorg lengkap ja tangkap gambar but then dis year kurang 3 org.. But then kami sangat nk jugak bergambar complete family, ayah suroh after baby balik dari singapore.. We all d'forcekan untuk snap family picture again with the same baju raya that we wore in the first hari raya.. Sangat semangat keluarga Haji Abu Bakar Mohd Eusoff ni kan.. 

Incomplete Version

Complete Version

*Credit to Ahmad Ashraf Abu Bakar for the pic..