Monday, November 14, 2011


Dear blog,

This month is the most stress month ever!! Lots of works still pending and need to be done as soon as possible.. But how i'm going to settle all my works if my mind still at home?? Huhu.. As for this week i need to submit my one assignment, two presentations and also three mid term exams..  Urgh.. Its so stressful to think where should i start?? which one need to be done first?? Yeah what to do.. I'm the one who chose to further study, so by hook or by crook i have to face it lo..  Anyway my brother told me that MAT LUTFI already downloaded his new VLOG. I'm a big fan of him because his VLOG is so cool and his creative idea in voicing his opinion to public.
So lets take a break and chill with his VLOG :)

#Credit to Mr.Youtube!

Peace no war :)

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