Friday, December 9, 2011

Great Weekend Ever!

Dear blog,

Finally im free from any task and assignment!! Im so glad i managed to finished all my task.. In the same time, even though i cannot join my family holiday trip to Phuket, Thailand.. Fortunately, i got sumthing else fun to do.. My hostel won 1st runner-up for bowling tournament.. Actually im not that excellent in bowling but "alhamdulillah" maybe its because of support and cooperation among the teammates, we able to won this game.. Thanks to all.. :) 

Then, the next day my friends and I joined one of the USM's and KDU's Mangrove Plantation program which involve with mud!! OMG.. Its so urghhhhh... Can u imagine im totally like predator with full of mud on my entire body.. hoho.. But its ok, im just keep thinking its like a free facial and body treatments for me.. hak3.. Well im enjoyed my time with my friends.. Luv u all girls.. 

Credit to Miss Faten Hashim for the pictures..!!

Chill yow :)

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