Saturday, October 15, 2011

First Step!

Hello guys.. upss.. and so the girls.. ihihhi

I'm quite new in blogging.. i found its cool to have a blog where i can share everything especially my interest on foods.. movies.. musics.. fashions maybe.. n amazing places to travel.. I'm a big fan of Fatin Liyana, Maria Elena Hanis Zalikha n lots more..!!

Actually I'm not good in English, so because of that i think its a good starts for me to have my own blog where i just simply write anything i want to, even though u may laugh with my so broken english.. Yaa.. But guys n girls, i believed that no one can change your future if you don't take your own steps to change it..

Its my pleasure to have your comment on my writing or anything.. So feel free to surf my blog.. Hopefully i can be like those girls i mention above that can entertain you all..

Peace No War!!

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