Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Pattani, Thailand

Dear blog,

Last weekend my family and i went to my aunt house in Thailand.. Actually i'm quite afraid to go there because Pattani is one of the city having crisis.. But alhamdulillah everything goes well.. Well, we visited most all popular places there.. Most of people there are Muslim, only a few are Buddhist.. The first place we went to is Masjid Krisik.. Masjid Krisik is the oldest mosque in Pattani, it been built over 450 years ago..

Then we went to the beach!! Yeay!! Unfortunately we cannot swim there.. Huhu.. But we did enjoyed with the foods.. My mum ordered Keropok Lekor, Chicken Grill, Fried Prawn and Som Tam, its like salad but its a thai version.. Its so yummy bebeh!!

Done with evening session, and now we continue with night activities.. We start the night with dinner first.. Hehe.. We decided to have local dish like Tom Yam Kung, Mix Salad, Soy Sauce Beef, and lots more!! When comes to Thai Foods of course it has to be spicy and its kill me bebeh.. After dinner, we go for a walked to settle down our stomach.. Just imagine my tummy its like 5 months pregnant woman beb..


Thats all for the first day we reached there.. The next morning, its like a miracle to my mum when i did't sleep after Subuh.. Seriously its hard for me to leave my bad habits.. Hehehe.. So that morning i woke up and straight away ask my mum to find Pulut Sekaya!! Its my favorite breakfast beb.. So we went to the morning market to find my favorite breakfast.. Thank God i found it and what a surprise, i also bought crepe, but its like thai version.. Haha..  

So after breakfast, my cousin took my brother and I for a ride around Pattani before going back to Penang.  He took us to Prince of Songkla University.. Prince of Songkla University its like IPTA in Malaysia.. Its the only government and the biggest university in the city.. Lastly before we leave, we stopped by to eat Koew Tiow Nam!! Its one of the famous dish in Pattani.. Its kind like Koew Tiow Sup or Teng but they put in additional ingredient.. Then my uncle said i should try the desert!! So i ordered Pulut Nangka.. Its lovely beb..

Anyway thanks to Pak Ngah family for having us for the weekend.. Hope we can meet again!! 

Peace yaw!! :)

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