Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dinner with my lovely family :)

Dear blog,

I love my family damm much!! Well some might define family only consist of father, mother and the children, but my family is more bigger than that.. We define family consist of grandparent, aunties, uncles and cousins!! We all have the same interest.. The most common of course will be the foods!! Last two weeks my family and I decided to have dinner together at Pizza Hut Auto City, Penang.. So while waiting for the foods to be serve lets snap pictures first! Hehe..

Groom to be..

Naufal with his starving face!

Hannah and I finishing the fabulous salads..

Hani excited having her mushroom soup!!

Hani likes me!

Hani forced to pose!

Hannah with her beloved nanny..

Everybody started to dig in all the foods!! 

Naufal craziness -_+

 Thanks to my lovely brother *Ahmad Ashraf Abu Bakar for the dinner!!

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