Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Dear blog,

Tweet.. Tweet.. Suddenly, I straight away searched for my phone.. I looked at my phone screen there is one message received from unknown number.. I opened the message and slowly try to digest all the sentences.. I don't know what actually my heart felt after read that message.. Im confuse, speechless, blur and .. 

Technically, I'm now have the freedom as i wanted badly before.. But some of my heart said that freedom is not that i want.. Now, I'm just hoping that I'm doing the right thing for him n me.. Just want to let him know, that i do not hate him at all.. I'll always pray the best for him.. Insyallah.. Amin..

Life has to move on.. Let bygones be bygones.. Focus on my study and aim high for my future.. 2013 will be my new journey without him beside me.. Bismillahirrahmannirrahim..

Bye Mr. Pokedot~

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